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Published: Monday 27th Jul 2015

Written by: The Niche Retreats Team

When staying at one of our beautiful holiday cottages in Porthleven, many guests like to experience the surrounding areas by bicycle. There are routes for any level of experience, whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just starting out. In this short guide, we will explore the three top cycling routes from Porthleven.

Top Cycling routes from Porthleven

As the most southerly port in the whole of this beautiful country, Porthleven offers a plethora of stunning cycling routes, which makes it ideal for those looking specifically for a cycling getaway, or for those who want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and take in a bike ride at the same time.

From Porthleven to Helston (5 miles)

If you want to take in the scenery on a very easy trail, this route is highly recommended. With a maximum ascent of 25 metres and at just five miles, this route is ideal for anybody. However, the main reason why people go on this route is the stunning scenery.

With much of the ride spent in the National Trust property of Penrose Estate, which welcomes cyclists, you will see some beautiful parkland and coastal scenery.

From Devoran to Porthleven (17.5 miles)

For those of you who want to take on something a little more challenging, the bike ride from Devoran to Porthleven offers some fantastic off-road sights and a little adventure. However, at a little over two hours (one-way) it is important that you take snacks and refreshments, or stop regularly as this route does have several difficult inclines.

Porthcurno to Porthleven (24 miles)

While the furthest in terms of distance, the Porthcurno to Porthleven ride is much easier than the second ride listed above. From one of the most southwesterly points in the country, the route goes through the beautiful town of Penzance, which is roughly half way, making it ideal to a resting point or somewhere to stop for a bite to eat.

Easily the main benefit of this ride is that just before arriving in Penzance and after leaving, you hug the coastline for several miles, which makes for a beautiful, scenic route.

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