Romance in Cornwall

Published: Thursday 15th Jan 2015

Written by: The Niche Retreats Team

A romantic getaway in Porthleven

It’s that loving time of year again when we think of spending quality time with that special someone. 

Now Cornwall might not come immediately to mind for a romantic getaway but Porthleven is an idyllic romantic retreat in Cornwall. There are so many things to going on that you’ll have a difficult time choosing what to do first. An ideal place for not just a weekend away but a week long retreat just for two.

There are, of course, copious foodie outlets to indulge in but let’s build up an appetite first with some activities.

Romantic walks:

  • A walk along the cliffs across the Wrestling Fields and taking in the spectacular views, perhaps a short stop with a glass of champagne
  • A walk around Penrose Estate where legend has it that Sir Bedivere cast King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur into The Loe (lake)!
  • For a longer walk try Porthleven to Loe Pool and back to Porthleven across Loe Bar
  • You could also try exploring The Lizard with its spectacular coastlines and views

Not so energetic but still romantic:

  • Sit up at the old mining wheelhouse at Rinsey Head and gaze up at the clear starry night
  • Outside the Atlantic Inn and watch surfers on the best reef break in the UK
  • Browse arts and crafts at Salt Cellar Workshops in Porthleven

Now for a romantic meal for two:

  • Dinner at Kota Restaurant, Porthleven for the definitive romantic meal
  • Perhaps Amelies at the Smokehouse, Porthleven Harbour for a sumptuous dinner and an evening of music
  • Nauti But Ice for that sweet treat
  • The Square at Porthleven for any time of day
  • Seadrift Kitchen Cafe for a romantic breakfast or stop by after the beach
  • Don’t forget the famous pastie … you could share one and meet in the middle!

Extra special touches for your retreat in Cornwall:

If you want to make your romantic retreat in Cornwall that little bit more special, then stop by Lillian Rose Flowers in Porthleven

The Niche Retreats Team


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