Last-minute Retreats Within 14 Days

For those like to make impromptu plans but don’t want a last-minute rush to find the right place, our last-minute properties, available within 14 days, give you something to look forward to.

These properties are for discerning travellers that like to have a plan. Last-minute shouldn’t mean missing out on the best holiday you’ve ever had. Our range of properties are found all over the country: nestled in areas of outstanding beauty, national parks, and cultural cities. Whether you want time away with no one in sight for miles, a coastal escape where you can enjoy those refreshing sea breezes, or the buzz and excitement of a city break, these properties have it all. Including late availability. 

We choose every single property for the little something that makes them extra special. Whether it’s an unusual location, quirky features, or grandeur unlike any other stay, anywhere. Take some time to browse our last-minute properties in exceptional places.

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