Last-minute Retreats within 48 Hours

For the truly spontaneous. For those that don’t like to plan. And for discerning travellers that seek the very best prices. Our last-minute properties available within 48-hours give you the maximum luxury in the least possible time.

Spontaneity is the soul of adventure. But where will your impulses take you? Explore our unique portfolio of exclusively-selected properties, with stunning places to stay in some of the UK’s most inspirational destinations. Places out of the ordinary, where you’ll feel instantly at home. Places of peace and tranquillity, modern beauty and classic elegance, quirky features and luxurious details. They’re hand-picked by us, for you. 

From blissful weekends to two weeks of lavish living, you’ll find some of our best booking rates right here. So what are you waiting for? There’s no time to lose, but so much time away to enjoy. 

Sadly, we can’t process holidays starting within 48-hours on our website, but we can take care of it all in one call. To book your luxury 48hr last-minute break, please call us on 0333 3058 404 and we’ll look after everything.

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