Last-minute Retreats within 7 Days

For people that like surprises. For those that seek time together. And for adventurers that live for impromptu moments. Our last-minute properties available within seven days include unforgettable places you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Don’t think about what you’ll do next weekend, think about where you could be. Somewhere out of the ordinary, somewhere where you can forget your weekday worries and completely relax. Explore somewhere entirely new, or return to a well-loved location – either way, these properties have late-availability and unlimited peace and tranquillity. Niche Retreats’ hand-picked stays are selected for their touch of something exceptional, tucked away in beautiful locations that are a salve for the soul. 

Whether you’re seeking a romantic weekend away with the one you love, or a week-long retreat with your whole family, discover new places to go and our very best booking rates right here.

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